Singing Club

Taidetöölö’s Singing Club invites you to Fun! Singing relaxes and brings joy to life in the middle of everyday life. When singing in the Singing Club you can take up some new tips for improving your singing technique. The energy of the group will make you sing to the joy of singing and music. The hour consists of a common vocal warm-up and a suitable program according to a teacher’s choice.

1.Singing Club for Adults

The course is suitable for anyone who is interested in singing, and there is no need for past experience of singing. In a small group you can boldly try out the limits of your own voice and enjoy singing with others. At the beginning of the song, you will learn about the basic technique of audio using various breathing and sound exercises. We sing live, thrill and folk songs in the group. Welcome to the low threshold for singing!

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2.Children’s Singing Group

Children’s Singing Group is aimed at children of 8 to 12 years. The group teaches children’s songs together without the pressure of individual performance. In addition to the songs, we teach the basic concepts of music and working in a group. The song group is ideal for the child’s first encounter with music. The group meets 10 times during the semester. An hour’s length is 45 minutes, which includes sound and body warming, new singing and learning the basic concepts of musical music.

It’s not possible to sign up for the course right now.

When signing up for the course, you agree to comply with the following terms:

The course will be paid in full before starting the course upon registration. The course fee will be refunded only if the participant loses 50% of the course sessions continuously due to illness. The fee will be refunded if you have a medical certificate. We offer the opportunity to attend our other courses for absences to replace.