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Autumn 2017 (Aug 7th – Dec 22nd)
incl. ALV%


  • TRIAL LESSON 33€/30min 
    • 1x20 min/wk: 112€/month*
      • 1x30 min/wk: 156€/month*
        • 1x45 min/wk: 220€/month*
        • * 4 lessons / month


          incl. ALV%

          2 students in one group

          • TRIAL LESSON 33€/30min (16,5€/oppilas)
            • 1x30 min/wk: 120€/month/student
              • 1x45 min/vk: 180€/month/student
              • * 4 lessons / month
                Concert fee 30€ 
                A trial lesson is a great way to try your hand at a musical instrument before enrolling in the study. At the trial lesson the teacher will tell you about the specifics of the instrument and sound production (if you are a beginner) and will help you find a comfortable posture for playing, select the repertoire for learning and give recommendations. As early as at the trial lesson, you or your child will be able to play 1-3 simple pieces, accompanied by the teacher. The school will provide you with an instrument for your trial lesson.
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                When you book your trial lesson online, you accept these terms and conditions:
                The trial lesson has to be payed upfront.  All cancellations must be done via email to info@taidetoolo.fi. We refund the full price of the trial lesson, if the cancellation has been done at least 24h before the scheduled lesson. If you cancel later than 24h before the lesson, we will refund 50% of the payed price. If the cancellation has not been done correctly or at all, the payment is not refundable.
                If you have problems with the online payment, please contact our customer service and we will send you an invoice.

                If you have any questions, contact us.

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                • Autumn term starts Aug 7th.
                Singing lessons in pairs
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