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Singing lessons in pairs

Welcome to singing lessons with your best friend or member of the family! Lessons in pairs are an easy and fun way to start learning to sing.

Lessons are 30/45 minutes long and each participant will receive 10/15 minutes of individual instruction. Participants will also benefit from observing the way the teacher works with their partner. The rest of the lesson will be devoted to singing duets and learning songs sung by two individuals.

This is a great way to spend time with a friend or to prepare a surprise performance at a family celebration or birthday! Singing lessons in pairs are suitable for kids aged 10 and older and adults of any age. 20% discount for families.

If one of the participants misses the lesson for any reason, the teacher gives an individual lesson of either 20 or 30 minutes depending on if the pair lesson was to be 30 or 45 minutes respectively.

Pricing (2 students/group)

TRIAL LESSON: 16,5€/30min/oppilas (33€/2 oppilasta)

· 1x30 min: 30€/lesson/student

Family lessons -20% 24€/lesson/student

· 1x45 min: 45€/lesson/student

Family lessons -20% 36€/lesson/student

Package price:

· 4x30 min 108€/student (norm. 120€)

Family lessons -20% 87€/student (norm. 108€)

· 4x45 min: 160€/student (norm. 180€)

Family lessons -20% 128€/student (norm. 160€)

Concert fee 15€/participant




When you book your trial lesson online, you accept these terms and conditions:
The trial lesson has to be payed upfront.  All cancellations must be done via email to info@taidetoolo.fi. We refund the full price of the trial lesson, if the cancellation has been done at least 24h before the scheduled lesson. If you cancel later than 24h before the lesson, we will refund 50% of the payed price. If the cancellation has not been done correctly or at all, the payment is not refundable.
If you have problems with the online payment, please contact our customer service and we will send you an invoice.

If you have any questions, contact us.

Our voice teacher Milla Mäkinen

Soprano Milla Mäkinen studies classical voice at the Sibelius-Academy under Sirkku Wahlroos-Kaitila. She has a special interest in early music and is an active performer of contemporary music. Mäkinen has been studying guitar under Marjo Leppä, Juha Johansson, Otto Berger, Pekka Miettinen, Fabio de Oliveira and Peter Engberg. She is spending her fifteenth year as a singer-guitarist concentrating on Bossa nova music.

Singing Lessons

It is never too late to start learning to sing. Everyone who wants to improve their singing skills can manage to achieve good results. There are no special requirements for those who want to start learning, and our teacher Milla Mäkinen will prepare an appropriate singing syllabus for each student.

Even children aged under 10 can begin to develop their vocal skills by attending singing lessons where they will learn the basics of musical art by using their voice. The most important aspect in education is the natural development of the child’s abilities and promotion of his or her interest in music in general. Singing develops procedural and abstract thinking and motor skills, and also has a positive effect on the emotional perception of the world.

You can choose the repertoire for your singing lessons. The genre does not matter. All musical styles and genres are welcome in our lessons. For children, a suitable repertoire of children’s songs is selected.

Taidetöölö’s singing teacher has a degree in musical education and extensive experience in this field. Along with teaching, she is an active performer who sings solo with the orchestra of the Sibelius Academy, and also participates in opera festivals.

Singing lessons improve your general health, normalize blood pressure, increase brain activity. We recommend attending singing lessons for 30 to 60 minutes per week.

Customer reviews

by Zena I. on Taidetöölö

Our 3-year old daughter has been learning piano with Irina, and we couldn’t be happier! She is the perfect type of teacher — patient, encouraging and creative — to help our child learn and keep her interest going. A lot of theory and practice goes into a seemingly short 20-minute lesson, but this is the perfect amount of time for a kid this age. We’re grateful for Irina’s ability to cultivate our child’s interest in learning a musical instrument, and look forward to her attending Taidetöölö well into the future.

by Soyoung on Taidetöölö

Johanna was very enthusiastic teacher. She was always encouraging me. Great flute lesson with her.

by Anu on Taidetöölö

Todella hyvät ja kehittävät tunnit tekivät soittamisesta hauskaa! 30 min soittoaikana kyllä tosi lyhyt, varsinkin kun soittajan vaihtumisen kuluu melkein puolet ajasta.Pääsin tosi hyvin alkuun tunneillanne viulun soitossa! kiitos siitä 🙂

by Martin G. on Taidetöölö

Positiviista ja asiantuntevaa opetusta kaiken tasoisille. Voin suositella myös aikusille vasta-aloittelijoille.

by Outi Kurki on Taidetöölö

Olen käynyt Johanna Kärkkäisen huilutunneilla: opetus oli ammattitaitoista, kannustavaa ja innostavaa. Jatkan mielelläni kunhan aikataluluni näyttävät rauhallisemmilta =o)

by Mayu Umemori on Taidetöölö

We enjoy lessons every times! Our daughter is quite young, but Irina could have devised how she like and is interested in the piano: doing many things in a lesson for keeping her concentration, and repeatedly practicing a bit difficult tasks. The lesson is good to get skills for piano and also for developing her intelligence.

by Alina Saaristo on Taidetöölö

 Irinan taitavan ohjauksen alla heräsi uuteen eloon uskoni, että voisin vielä aikuisenakin kehittää joskus lapsuudessa hankittua vähäistä pianon soittamisen taitoani. Pääsin harjoittelemaan omaan tahtiin, joustavasti omassa aikataulussa ja sain juuri tarvittavan määrän opastusta, jotta pääsisin omaan sen hetkiseen tavoitteeseeni. Käytännön harjoituksen rinnalla Irina ei unohda myöskään musiikin teoriaa, jota annostelee sopivin määrin sen tullessa esiin. 

by Melissa Airas on Taidetöölö

As an adult student (now in beginning violin), I have taken many lessons in my life with lots of teachers. Natalia is my first music teacher, and she is one of the best teachers I have met. She is really good at knowing exactly what kinds of exercises I need to progress and to stay motivated. And when I am slow at understanding certain concepts or at being able to replicate certain finger positions or bow movements, she always comes up with creative and personal ways to explain and help me get it. That’s a real gift. Plus, she and Irina (and everyone at Taidetöölö) are just really nice people to work with!

by Ana Belen Abundio on Taidetöölö

Milla is wonderful. She is a very good teacher with real passion for what she does. :)Definetely worthy!

by Jonna Lehtinen on Taidetöölö

Kiitos ihanasta ja selkeästä opetustavasta Irina! Mielestäni (ja varmasti myös lasten mielestä) olet lämmin, ymmärtäväinen, taitava ja sopivia tavoitteita lapsille antava opettaja. Jatka samaan malliin.

by Chi on Taidetöölö

I was glad that I found Taidetöölö in Helsinki that they would accept adult students as well. I enjoyed playing piano with Irina, and motivated by her all the time. Great experience, glad to know Irina and others. Thanks for the great time!

by Philipp Oleynik on Taidetöölö

I really like my piano and guitar teachers: Thomas and Itzam. I enjoy every single of my lessons.

by Irina Semenkova on Taidetöölö

It’s great that here one can begin to study at any age. School is located in a nice district; it’s easy to get here by any transport. School has very friendly and positive environment. Teachers are competent, and nice with students. Timetable is flexible and should fit anyone.I am very happy that I found this school!

by Katerina Vento on Taidetöölö

Ammattilaiset opettajat ja hyvä palvelu. Suosittelen!

by Lubna Dada on Taidetöölö

Great experience. Very helpful team! Keep going!

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    Singing lessons in pairs
    Welcome to singing lessons with your best friend or member of the family! Lessons in pairs are an easy and fun way to start learning to sing. More info --->

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