There are 15 sessions in the fall semester and 17 sessions in the spring semester. New students are also admitted in the middle of the semester if there are any studying places available. The price of a semester depends on the number of sessions remaining.

Trial lesson
€ 39 / 30min
Autumn semester, 15 lessons (1 lesson / week)
15x30 min:
15x45 min:
15x60 min:
Spring semester, 17 lessons (1 lesson / week)
17x30 min:
17x45 min:
17x60 min:
One-off lessons
1 x 30 min:
1 x 45 min:
1 x 60 min:

Terms & Conditions

The course is paid after the test lesson either in full or split into 2-4 partial payments. You will receive an invoice by e-mail.

Refunds are not applicable where lessons are canceled by the student. A lesson canceled by a teacher will either be rescheduled or the money paid for the lesson refunded to the student.

When purchasing one-off lessons, please consider the following:

Places are filled primarily by students for whom a regular fixed time slot is reserved. For this reason, we can not guarantee teacher availability for students who select one-off lessons. If you wish to find out about available times for one-off lessons, please contact us by email.