Guitar Lessons for children 6+ and adults of any age and level

A trial lesson is a great way to try your hand at a musical instrument before enrolling in the study. At the trial lesson the teacher will tell you about the specifics of the instrument and sound production (if you are a beginner) and will help you find a comfortable posture for playing, select the repertoire for learning and give recommendations. As early as at the trial lesson, you or your child will be able to play 1-3 simple pieces, accompanied by the teacher. The school will provide you with an instrument for your trial lesson.

At the first guitar lessons, a beginner learns to read sheet music and tablature and to produce their first sounds. As early as at the first lesson, the student will be able to perform a simple piece on the guitar accompanied by the teacher.

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Children can start learning to play the guitar as early as at the age of 6. Adults can study the guitar in Taidetöölö too, at any age and level of proficiency in playing the instrument.  We offer lessons in acoustic and electric guitar, as well as electric bass. The repertoire for adults is chosen in accordance with the student’s preferences.

The guitar has a very beautiful sound that is pleasant to the ear, which you can easily learn to produce at your very first lesson.

Our guitar teacher Sauli Palmujoki

Sauli Palmujoki graduated from Tampere University of Applied Sciences in 2016 with the qualification of guitar teacher. In addition to teaching guitar, Sauli has worked as a music teacher in upper schools and high schools. Sauli is a versatile musician who writes songs and composes music.

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