Prior to the commencement of training, Taidetöölö suggests clients attend a trial class, for which one may register online. A trial class is not obligatory. To commence training without a trial class, please contact us by e-mail.

REGISTRATION FOR TRAINING (adult students 16+ y.o.)

After attending the trial lesson, you can choose the appropriate training course of 8, 10, or 15 individual lessons. Payment for the course must be received in advance (in full or in two parts). You will receive an invoice by e-mail. A processing fee of €4 will be added to the second part of the invoice. The course runs through May 31, 2018. You can also purchase a new course when all the lessons from the previous one have been completed. A lesson will be considered incomplete if it was canceled at least 24 hours before the scheduled time or because of illness. Such missed lessons are rescheduled (if possible). If you canceled a lesson later than 24 hours before the start for reasons not related to illness, the lesson will be considered complete. Taidetöölö does not provide refunds for missed lessons. Registration for the course is confirmed when payment is received.


REGISTRATION FOR TRAINING (children 4-15 y.o.)

In the event that after a trial class a client wishes to continue training, they must fill in a registration form and arrange a schedule for upcoming classes with a teacher. The client must register for training by the end of the semester at the latest (the autumn semester extends until Christmas, and the spring one until the end of May).


An invoice for training will be issued on the last day of each month. The amount of the invoice will correspond to the number of classes attended in that respective month.


As regards class cancellation or postponement to another day, clients must contact their respective teachers by phone or e-mail.

1. Class cancellation due to illness

If a client cancels a class due to illness, Taidetöölö will not include this class in the invoice.

2. Class cancellation due to personal circumstances

A class that is canceled due to personal circumstances more than 24 hours before its scheduled commencement shall not be included in the invoice. A class that is canceled due to personal circumstances less than 24 hours before its scheduled commencement must be paid in full.

For tandem classes: the client who cancels a class will be responsible for payment for that respective part of the class. The second member of a tandem class may attend the class on their own.

3. A class missed without notification of the teacher

If a client misses a class on the scheduled time without notifying the teacher, the class must be paid in full.

4. A class canceled by the teacher

In the event that a class is canceled by a teacher due to illness or personal circumstances, the class will be delivered by another teacher or, if possible, postponed to another day.

Taidetöölö recommends that you avoid attending classes in the event of illness. Playing an instrument or singing even with a slightly high temperature may have negative consequences.

By registering for studying at Taidetöölö, you agree with the above-written conditions.